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Gypsy Skies

by meghan simpson

Horse Trailer Living

Welcome to my current living situation! A “4 Horse Hart Hotel” as I like to call it! It’s actually a 4-horse Hart trailer with living quarters that my mom is so generously letting me sleep in, for the time being. It’s actually not as bad as it sounds - with the leather couches and flat screen TV, it’s better than some of the houses I’ve seen a whole family live in. All I do is sleep there anyways; I spend most of my time living in my vehicle. After moving to High River, Alberta from Warburg, Alberta, my parents decided to build a one-bedroom apartment… attached to a shop… attached to a barn! Sounds amazing except for the 1 bedroom, right?

I may be 29 years old but I still like to come home 280 days of the year to visit. My parents spend the winters in Arizona soaking up the sunshine and riding horses every day, which is what most older people should be doing, in my opinion. That leaves the house sitting up to me! Although living in that horse trailer has been a slice, I’m looking forward to purchasing some of my own land, and would love to eventually build a house (shop/house). Rent at home is cheap, and I might as well save my pennies.

Society seems to plan out most of our futures: Graduating, degrees, marriage, houses, babies, I think that’s the order, but not everyone knows where they want to live or who they want to marry by the time they are 25, most of us have a different path and if that entails a few months in a horse trailer where the propane is blowing out from the 50 km wind, that’s ok! If you have spent any time in Southern Alberta you know that two things are for sure, land is expensive and it is windy more then it is calm! Who knows though, in a few years when I have a mortgage, I just might wish I was back in the “ Hart Hotel”.


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