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Gypsy Skies

by meghan simpson

3 Month Expiration

Since I was in diapers I have been spending my summers in a camp called Godlin Lakes, which is in the North West Territories. I would spend 3 months in the wilderness acting like a bush monkey, then come back to civilization in Alberta and try to act somewhat reserved. This is actually a tough transition since all summer I don’t even have running toilets. Starting out in 5th Grade I began spending 5 months in Arizona with my parents, roping and soaking up that southern sunshine. I guess you can say my childhood was a bit of a vacation on behalf of my parents. Although that was an amazing way to grow up and explore North America, I’ve inherited somewhat of a 3-month expiration date. I have a home in three totally different places, and when I get sick of one I guess it just makes sense to move on to the next. Always in a hurry to get somewhere else, I suppose that’s what makes my life a bit interesting to some people who have started to follow my blogs!

Starting out the New Year I am usually in the states, I love spending time in Arizona with my southern friends and hitting up a few team roping jack pots while I’m there, but come April I cant handle the heat like they can so I head north. Way north up into the Mackenzie Mountains by July where there is no cell service and the mountain water is tough to beat. Working in our outfitting camp and getting to be a “glorified taxi driver” is a dream summer but after a few months of that I usually want to start wearing what most guys would call face paint. Sometimes it’s nice to dress and act like a female! The rest of the year is spilt up between Alberta and around the globe, sometimes getting a hunt in if I’m lucky!

I can usually last about 3.5 months if I’m really pushing it, but even then I start to get antsy and want a change of scenery. I find it exciting to be able to pick up and move when I want, and there are so many different places to explore that it’s hard to settle into one spot. Since my family calls Southern Alberta home, I try to spend the majority of my time there - but let’s just say if an awesome flying gig or an exciting adventure is up for grabs, I’ll be packing the Kia and loading Piper up for a detour!

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