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Gypsy Skies

by meghan simpson

Interview with an addict - Cam Foss

Cam Foss grew up around Cochrane Alberta hunting and learning the outdoors with brother Adam and his dad Tom Foss. He has been addicted to hunting since a young age and isn’t giving it up anytime soon! Cam has hunted all over North America and recently started traveling over sea’s to hunt Ibex. A strict bow hunter is what makes this guy so unique, because he actually knows how to use it. Cam has taken over 50 animals with his Hoyt bow and been on more than 30 archery sheep kills. Follow along on this video interview to learn what it really takes to become a hunting addict!

If you would like to contact Cam for any information about what he takes in his pack for hunting trips or his over sea’s trips you can contact him on Facebook or Instagram.

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