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Gypsy Skies

by meghan simpson

Fur Baby

Fur Baby

When all my friends are having children and I show up with my fur baby. Could be the reason most people think I’m crazy, or could be the reason I’m able to pick up and go whenever I want. Having a Australian Shepard as a side kick is kind of like having a really really cool friend who doesn’t say no when you ask her to do a 26 hour long road trip sitting in the back, and then isn’t upset when going to a party with a bunch of people who won’t share their chips!

My dog is definitely my number 1 fan. She is always excited to see me, even when I get back from the bar at 2am and turn the lights on waking her up. If you’re happy they know, if you’re mad they know, and if you’re having a sad day they know enough to comfort you and stay by your side until you’re feeling better. Piper is 40 pounds of pure attitude, and I think I taught her well. Having a dog when you’re in your 20s and travel a lot is good practice for when and if you have a human baby. They get you ready in ways that are similar, for instance when you switch up their food and it makes them sick all throughout the night. Another example is packing up their “diaper bag” when going to stay at friends houses. Or taking them to the vet when you think they could possibly have a rare skin disease that you made up overnight and confirmed it using Google. These are all examples that mothers can relate to, and when the day is done, whether you have a fur baby or a human baby you’re still a mother and everyone thinks their baby is the cutest. Sorry to burst your bubble, but my fur baby is the cutest! ;)

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