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Gypsy Skies

by meghan simpson

Love The Unpredictable

Love the Unpredictable

How many of us actually love a predictable life? There aren't many of my friends who absolutely love the 9-5 job that they wake up for each day. Even thinking about having a 9-5 job gives me anxiety, with all the grown up things that come along with that responsibility. Banks and most government businesses close at 5, so how are you supposed to make it in time to cash that monthly cheque, or get your computer fixed by the time the store closes? These are all valid things that I think about with a dedicated 9-5 job. Thankfully I work "seasonal" and can usually make it to the bank to cash a government cheque of $82 and my computer works great on "middle of the country" wifi.... (Anyone living in the country should know that was a joke.)

Up until a month ago, I thought I was going to be flying helicopters back in Fort St. John. Well, after a lot of thought while in sunny Arizona, I decided I would go ahead with a lifelong dream of starting my own tourism helicopter company. While my parents sold the outfitting area, we did not sell the aircraft, lucky for me! Also lucky for me, my passion is flying and not rocket science, because everyone knows it’s expensive to keep an aircraft flying and in good condition. I am busy putting that helicopter to work! Being unpredictable and being a pilot go hand in hand. For instance, the other day I had to go to Whitecourt, AB to pick up our machine after its maintenance was done. I had to delay the date to go up there two different times because I was being flown up there by a friend. This also meant I would have to miss a friend’s wedding. And by the way, for a smaller airplane, that was one heck of a smooth flight my friend gave me to Whitecourt! After doing the regular ground runs and checks to make sure it was going to be running smoothly, I opted to stay the night. The next day was more of the same runs and checks, but by the end it was too late to fly back to High River. A best friend of mine happens to live by Drayton Valley, AB which is a quick flight from Whitecourt so you can bet your bottom dollar I landed in her yard for a steak dinner and a beverage. Up bright and early to head back to High River the next day, I ran into snow and fog around Bowden, AB. I made the call to land and wait out weather, (reference to the blog "Scud Running / Low Visibility" to see how I feel about flying in bad weather.) Bowden happens to be where some more really good friends live, the whole family to be exact, and I had been meaning to visit them for a while. I landed in their yard like I had done a time before and spent the day waiting out weather and catching up with friends. Not a bad way to spend “a day at the office” if I do say so myself! I finally made it back to High River that night around 5pm when the snow stopped. My sister had been waiting for me most of the day, and being the great sister she is, was flight following me so she was my "responsible" person. I like to put that task on a few others as well. She had enough of me being unpredictable so she headed back home, leaving me with a clean house. The moral of this blog is that when life hands you lemons, you might as well pucker up because you have no choice but to roll with it. I love having a plan and making plans, but I’ve learned that everything works out the way it is going to, with or without my help. You can’t get thrown off by the unpredictable if that’s what you were planning for all along!

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