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Gypsy Skies

by meghan simpson

Sheep hunting, a humbling experience

Sheep hunting, a humbling experience

This is a subject I’ve thought about a lot especially over the past few years. The subject of my blog pretty much tells the story in the title, “Sheep hunts, a humbling experience”. If you think a ram, caribou, buck or any other animal cares if you’re a billionaire or if you’re wearing the most expensive gear known to mankind, then you are wrong. Taking an animal’s life while hunting is a rewarding but humbling experience. You may spend top dollar to go on the best hunt, with the best outfitter and have the best resources available but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee you the biggest animal. At some point over the past 20 years, we have seen the majority of hunters transition towards getting into the camp as fast as they can and after hoping to take a record breaking trophy in 4 days or less, most resign to disappointment when things don’t work out in the first hunting opportunity. Their used to be a greater respect for the territory, scenery and animals; even for ourselves. You are taking this time for an experience and have worked hard to be where you are in your career to be able to afford this hunt. At some point, everyone began to rush instead of just enjoying the experience. Animals are lucky that they will never have to feel that way. They are enjoying life - focusing on that exact moment, not what just happened, or what is about to happen, or what they need to get back to.

When my grandfather, Dave Simpson, began taking hunters out in Alberta they went for 21 days and spent every day of it out there wether they had taken their trophies on the first day or not. They made lifelong friends and created stories and memories that they will still talk about today. Every hunt you go on, whether it be with a loved one, friend, family member or by yourself is an experience. Yes, they aren't cheap but you are also buying an experience and a lifetime of memories. It’s important to live in the moment and remember why you are out there.

So I guess I am saying that my point is, if you’re going to work hard to get ready for your hunt and also to finance your hobby, take the time to actually enjoy your time on each hunt. Live in the moment and soak up the experience. You’ll be back to the real world soon enough so enjoy your hard earned hunt while you can because you will never get those moments back.

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