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Gypsy Skies

by meghan simpson

Top 11

My top 11 favourite things

1. Piper AKA (fur baby) - my fur baby who is 5 years old this year and one helluva side kick.

2. Romeo - that is what I like to call the helicopter. He is my main man, and I call him Romeo because he has an "R" in the call sign plus he's never let me down.

3. Huckleberry - my head horse that is a sass pot but I gotta love him because I can jump off him after 8 months of not riding and not even worry about getting bucked off.

4. My new digs - having my own digs is amazing and thats all I have to say about that.

5. Family - love my family and how we can all have get togethers that even my grandparents come to. Where we talk about roping, hunting and can all get along.

6. Chocolate - I have never kicked the habit of loving chocolate and eating a ridiculous amount when no one is watching.

7. Popcorn - I have never kicked the habit of loving popcorn and eating a ridiculous amount when no one is watching. ( Has to be air popped or cooked on the stove, no microwave bull crap).

8. Alberta - as much as I would love to be living in British Columbia which people refer to as the "California" of Canada I can't help but feel at home in Alberta.

9. Best Friends - best friends are always there for you and especially ones you have grown up with your whole life. Now that we are all turning 30 its exciting to see where we will be at our 20 year high school reunion.

10. Being myself - I think I do pretty well on not following the "norm" and what I post online and social media is me and no one else.

11. Whiskey - Always have been and always will be a whiskey girl. Gibson's, Pendleton, Crown in that order

I had to put 11 of my favourite things because my favourite number is 11, but I could keep going to about 20, lets not get too carried away though!

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