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Gypsy Skies

by meghan simpson

Summer reads

Summer camp reads

It's about that time to head into the back country, and we are all in need of a good read when the weather has you stuck in your tent for days. I recently visited a well known writer and legend in back country world. If you haven't heard of Jack Boudreau then you don't know how to read and haven't spent much time in an outfitters camp weathered in and passing books around. He has wrote 9 novels and each one can catch the attention of a guide, outfitter or old time trapper. If you are looking for a book to take to camp this summer then here is a suggested list that will keep you occupied on those fogged in days.

1. Mountains, Campfires & Memories - Jack Boudreau

2. Trappers and Trailblazers - Jack Boudreau

3. King of the Mountain - Jack Boudreau

4. Horseshoe In My Hip Pocket - Bob Kjos

5. Diamond In The Rough - Meghan Simpson (hahaha had to add mine!)

6. Reaching the Dream. - R.G. "Gary" Vince (This is a base camp book, it's to heavy to haul around)

7. The Man Called Red - N.B "Red" Sorensen

8. Crazy Man's Creek - Jack Boudreau

9. Chickenhawk - Robert Mason

10. 50 Shades of Grey - the Trilogy ( Just Joking, you guides might get to excited after reading that book and catch the first flight home leaving your hunter stranded!)

These books are just a few of the good reads over the years I have seen around camp. You can order them on Amazon, or if you are driving the Alaska Highway this year you can most likely pick them up in Fort Nelson or Toad River.


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