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Gypsy Skies

by meghan simpson

Manifest your best

Manifest your best

I decided this winter I wanted to start my own helicopter company doing tours and contract work with our Robinson R44. This was a dream that I’d been brewing for quite some time. I knew it’s what I wanted to do since I first passed my commercial helicopter exam in Glendale, AZ and started flying during the summers for my parents in the Northwest Territories. Well, I had set a goal to take 30 people on helicopter tours before July 1st, and I started that goal back in March. I set my mind on it, so I accomplished it. I also set another huge goal for myself, and that was to win a very big contract in the area where I used to fly during the summers. I found out 2 weeks ago that I also won that contract! Considering that was the very first time I have bid on a government contract, with little to no experience, I think I did pretty well. No joke, I pretty much did paperwork from February until June and it paid off.

Leave it to the government to let me know 2 weeks until my departure date that I got the job. This had my dad and me running around a bit faster than normal but we managed to get everything in order. That includes the fuel for 75 hours of flying, pumps, spill kits, food, machine parts, and our own personal gear. We will be flying everything up to camp which means there is a weight restriction, unlike like prior years when I worked for my parents and we had a truck headed north that we could just throw our gear on. One thing to keep me down on a lot of weight will be that it is the month of July not September. September in the Northwest Territories can have conditions closer to winter than fall with lots of rain and fog. July can still have thunder storms and weather that is less than desirable, but it’s all in all a nice month.

I do believe the main reason I get these opportunities is because I am one helluva manifestor. I try my best to only think good thoughts and I guess it pays off when I get opportunities like this. I constantly think about the dreams I have and how they are going to pan out, I make goals based off of them working out and do put pressure on myself to get them done. This is all part of the experience though, it all plays an important role in the growth of a dream. When you think bad thoughts 99.99% of the time, bad things will happen. So let’s get our positive panties on today and let the good happen!

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