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Gypsy Skies

by meghan simpson

My sheep hunt plan of action

My sheep hunt plan of action:

Stage 1

Right before sheep season, work a job flying 100 hours and sit 99% of the time, landing as close as possible to bear posts for the biologist, with as little walking as possible.

Stage 2

Sight-in trusty 270 after not having shot it for 2 years; almost hit the bullseye twice so call it good.

Stage 3

Find a chef, aka mom, to jar enough meals for weeks worth of hunting with horses. (Spaghetti, chilli, pork, chicken, stew).

Stage 4

Borrow trusty pack horses from an uncle because the rope horses just won't cut it.

Stage 5

Hire a top notch guide, aka dad, and pay him in IOUs.

Stage 6

Take a brand new Stone Glacier pack, never been used, and break it in on the hunt.

Stage 7

Make sure feet are good and soft to ensure blisters on the first day.

Stage 8

Ride horses over 20 hours after not having ridden all summer long.

Stage 9

Try and locate rams.

Stage 10

Try and locate rams.

Stage 11

Pack up camp and horses to ride out to trucks and get in better shape for more sheep hunting.

Over the past 50 years my family has been a bit obsessed with sheep hunting. We have all shot rams, missed rams, guided for rams and watched rams grow up. I guess you could say it’s in our blood. We love the thrill of the hunt, how it brings people together and makes lasting memories. I will save “Why We Just Can't Get Enough of Sheep Hunting” for another blog!

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